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    Landscaping Contracting Services & Solutions
    Commercial Landscaping and Residential Landscaping Services in Calgary Alberta

    Commercial & Residential Landscape

    Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals in Calgary are ready for all of your landscaping needs. We provide the best Calgary landscaping experience you’ll ever have.Learn More »
    Excavation & Demolition in Calgary

    Excavation and Demolition

    From commercial to residential excavation or demolition, our team is equipped with the necessary tools and experience to finish the job quickly and efficiently.Learn More »
    Calgary Snow Removal

    Commercial Snow Removal

    Let our team help you clear the way with our commercial snow removal services. Raecor will ensure consistent, damage-free snow removal during the cold winter seasons in Calgary.Learn More »
    Recycled Asphalt Shingles in Calgary

    Recycled Asphalt Shingle Driveway

    Use recycled asphalt shingles as the foundation of your driveway. RAS (recycled asphalt shingles) are growing in popularity and is a great way to go green!Learn More »

    Raecor Contracting Ltd

    Get started by clicking the button below for your free estimate. Raecor Contracting is the best Calgary landscaping contractors you can ask for. Let us ensure all of your landscaping needs are done correctly and to your satisfaction.

    Commercial & Residential Landscaping

    Residential & Commercial Landscaping Company

    At Raecor Contracting Ltd, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced landscaping professionals that are fully invested in completing your project on time and within your allocated budget. We seek to use only the most progressive and effective techniques in the industry to create a project that is built to your specifications. No matter how unique or customized your residential landscaping project is, we will help make it happen.

    Whether your project calls for the installation of things like paving stone and concrete, soils and ground covers, water features, synthetic turf, or any other combination of things, our Raecor team can handle it. Make sure get your free estimate with us to get started on your landscaping project.

    Our team also handles commercial landscaping needs for our customers. Whatever type of look or atmosphere you’re going for, we can make create it. Make sure you leaving a strong first impression at your business, school, or commercial property through a professionally landscaped project with Raecor!


    Best excavation and demolition service in Calgary

    One of our main services that we provide is excavation. Typically, our excavation services can handle projects like digging basements and additions, or even re-grading for water and drainage problems. We can also handle other excavation services that you might require. We handle both residential and commercial projects, so don’t be shy and feel free to contact us. We do all of our work with integrity and quality, never shying away from our main focus: excellent customer service.

    In addition to excavation, we can also take care of any demolition work you might need. Anything from the removal of houses and commercial buildings to pools and garages. Our services will help you disconnect utilities and acquire permits for the demolition. We also try to recycle as much material as possible from the demolition. Anything that can’t be recycled will be appropriately disposed of in a proper landfill.

    Let us assist you with your excavation or demolition projects. Our experience in the field makes us the best excavation and demolition company in the Calgary area.

    Commercial Snow Removal

    Let us clear the snow from your property

    At Raecor, we handle commercial snow removal like no other. As one of the premiere Calgary snow removal service, we owe it to our customers to provide the most in-depth range of snow removal options. This ensures that you receive the best service that we can provide at a fair price.

    Our team of highly experienced operators take pride in their work and will guarantee the best service possible. When you choose Raecor, our team checks all of the details of your property prior to actual snowfall. This includes details like speed bumps, curbs, signs, fire hydrants, etc. This is to prevent any damage from occuring to your property during the actual snow removal process.

    Don’t be caught in a situation where you find yourself walking down an icy walkway or your parking lot is blocked by heavy snowfall. Contact us now for a free estimate of our Calgary snow removal service for your property today.


    Be environmentally friendly and choose RAS for your driveway

    Raecor Contracting Ltd offers our recycled asphalt shingle driveway services to anyone who needs it. We are dedicated to making sure all of our procedures and processes are as green as possible. Through the use of RAS (Recycled Asphalt Shingles), we can provide customers with an environmentally friendly way of laying their driveway.

    According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, around 11 million tons of asphalt roofing shingles are disposed of every year. Close to one million tons of it is just waste that is produced by roofing manufacturers, and the other 10 million tons is waste produced by residential tear-off shingles.

    Instead of having all of this material going to waste, let us re-use it to lay out a brand new driveway for your home. With several economic benefits to using RAS, such as reduced cost compared to virgin asphalt and the conservation of space in crowded landfills! Contact us now to get your free estimate on a RAS Driveway!

    Our Services

    Don’t be shy! Contact us for more information about any of your landscaping needs. Our goal is to get you top-notch quality with the best prices available on your landscape projects! Get your free estimate below and we’ll get started!

    Our Latest Testimonials

    Our Latest Calgary Commercial Landscaping Testimonials

    “Best Commercial Landscaper EVER!”

    - Chester Williams

    Raecor Contracting Ltd exceeded all of our expectations with our project. The work was carried out in a quick and safe fashion, and they cleaned up after all the work was completed! Highly recommended!

    “Raecor Quick and Friendly”

    - Gilberto Timothy

    I sent a request to get a free estimate and they got back to me incredibly quickly. They are reasonably priced and kept their word on the quality. Their operator was experienced and I will definitely be using them for any future jobs that needs to be done.

    “Impressive is all I can say!”

    - Kent Davis

    They did a phenomenal job on my front yard. The place looks a million times better now and it’s all thanks to Raecor! I would recommend them to anyone looking for landscaping services in Calgary.